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森拉特推出生物颗粒取暖炉 再掀绿色采暖风暴

Sunnat launches biomass heating stove and then lifts green heating storm


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  森拉特安徽快三玩法节能环保 再掀绿色采暖风暴

  近年来,森拉特积极响应国家关于“治污降霾 保卫蓝天”的全民行动号召,从自身优势出发,不断创新、与时俱进,研发出一款经济高效、节能环保的生物颗粒取暖炉。









  煤改电政策驱动下 生物颗粒取暖成新方向





  Under the global trend of energy conservation and environmental protection, in the face of the development trend of "coal to electricity" and "gas to electricity" markets in full swing, Sunnat, a leading brand in China's HVAC industry, has been in action, constantly committed to product technological breakthroughs and changes. Innovation, to bring users more energy-saving, environmentally friendly, safe and comfortable heating products.


  Sunnat launches biomass heating stove and then lifts green heating storm

  In recent years, Sunnat has responded positively to the nationwide call for action on "pollution prevention and desertification to defend the blue skies." Based on its own advantages, it has been continuously innovating and advancing with the times to develop a cost-effective, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly biomass heating stove.

  It is reported that the Mr.warm biomass heating stove introduced by Sunratt is a new type of heating equipment that can generate heat by burning biomass particles.

  Biomass particulate fuel is known as green coal and is made from crops such as straw, rice stalks, fuel wood, sawdust, peanut shells, and melon seed shells that have been crushed, mixed, extruded, and dried. It is a new type of clean energy with renewable cycle, low pollution, environmental protection, and low cost.

  As a fuel, it has a long burning time and no environmental pollution. It can replace wood, coal, and natural gas.

  The innovative internal structure design of Sunnat makes the fuel conversion rate of the biological particle heating furnace as high as 96%, which not only saves fuel but also has high heat transfer efficiency and rapid temperature increase.

  The real fire landscape in the heating furnace is beautiful and elegant. Fully sealed combustion chamber, full combustion, safe and reliable, no poisoning. Automatic unattended, automatic feeding, automatic ignition, temperature, air volume adjustable, timer switch, simple operation, remote control through WeChat.

  It is reported that the various emission indicators of the product have reached the current domestic and foreign environmental standards, and are used in many European cold regions. According to incomplete statistics, more than 500,000 households in North America are using this biological pellet heater.

  The introduction of Sunnat Mr.warm biomass pellet stoves not only satisfies the demand for clean heating under the trend of "coal to electricity", but also implements the concept of "environmentally friendly heating". It will certainly promote the development of the industry and bring about heating. A new round of "green storm" for energy conservation.


  Coal-to-Gas Heating Becomes New Direction Driven by the Reform of Coal

  In recent years, as the country's "coal to electricity" process has accelerated, clean heating has gained popularity. In northern China, the adoption of clean energy heating to replace coal-fired heating has gradually become a trend.

  Compared to fossil energy, China's biomass resources are abundant. The innate resources of natural biomass, green and low-carbon, clean and environmental protection, collection at the nearest site, local consumption, and distributed use have determined that it can be used as an environmental protection within the county area where there is a shortage of gas, less oil, and electricity. Fuels are used instead of coal, gas, and electricity.

  At present, most villages do not lay natural gas pipelines, and the use of gas heating stoves is limited; electric heating stoves have high operating costs and are economically poor.

  In contrast, Mr.warm's biomass pellet heaters "have low fuel costs and guaranteed supply, high heating efficiency, and pollutant emission standards," and are particularly suitable for clean heating reconstruction in rural areas. Not only can it effectively alleviate the problems of gas shortage and power shortage brought about by large-scale coal-to-gas conversion and coal-to-power reform, but it can also truly realize the "win-win" of people's livelihood and ecology.

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